Polyient empowers ideas to thrive, organizations to scale, and entrepreneurs to succeed

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Our Goal

Fueling the Next
Gen of Blockchain

Blockchain technology – properly
leveraged – improves efficiencies,
fosters collaboration and cultivates

Polyient Labs is helping
ignite a transformation

Polyient Labs is an early-stage business incubator helping entrepreneurs fast-track blockchain innovations by providing them with the insight, guidance, services, support, working capital and direction needed to power their next-gen solutions.

We accelerate the growth and success of next-gen blockchain ideas and DApps, helping transition them from the whiteboard to the Board Room.

We draw on years of entrepreneurial and industry experience to identify blockchain based innovations that offer genuine growth potential and help foster them.

Where We Come In

Polyient helps nurture blockchain based startups in two ways: as an incubator and an agency.

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Polyient Labs Fast Tracks Blockchain Innovation.

Polyient Labs brings the necessary capital and collaborators together so solutions can scale. We work as an early-stage partner offering direction, guidance, investments and skill-sharing.

We Foster Success In 3 Ways

Moving ideas from the whiteboard to the Board Room

Polyient helps transform concepts
into market-ready solutions.

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Forming chain-agnostic partnerships

Move the needle with access to executives, investors, developers and designers.

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Deploying talent, tools and expertise

We help founders crystalize their concepts, raise capital and shape their messaging.

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Polyient Helps

Polyient Helps
Founders Focus

We work with founders to identify and craft an organization's strategy, voice and brand. This


Branding / Design

Polyient creates the visual and strategic components needed to convey the vision.

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Marketing / Product

We deliver clear-cut business plans, and insightful and precise competitive analysis.

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Strategy / Legal

We help blueprint an actionable strategy and ensuring your "T"s are crossed and "I"s dotted.

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Our Partners

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Areas of Focus

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Polyient Ecosystem

Polyient brings blockchain to a variety of verticals. We invest in ideas positioned to transform:


Quickly and efficiently identify, evaluate and mitigate risk using distributed ledger technology.

Risk-management Technology

Blockchain Scalability

The ability of an organization or technology to grow dictates success. Blockchain can facilitate growth.

Blockchain Scalability


Lending, borrowing, banking and payments are all evolving and blockchain is leading the way.


PropTech and AdTech

Amplify your digital outreach and its impact by deploying blockchain.

PropTech and AdTech

Identity Management

Blockchain is helping make self-sovereign identity a reality.


Compliance and KYC Solutions

Remain instep with ever-changing rules and requirements using DLT.

Compliance and
KYC Solutions

Fast-tracking and Scaling
Credible Innovations

We help with capital infusion, direction, guidance, advice,
support, expertise and brutal honesty.

We Value Entreprenuers

We Value


Polyient creates lasting relationships with entrepreneurs by investing in their success.

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We Value Founders

We Value


Polyient cultivates symbiotic relationships with founders through mutually-aligned visions and interests.

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We Value

We Value


Polyient invests in sustainable endeavors fueled by ideas that promises to create the next generation of blockchain technology.

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