Introducing Polyient Games.

Our Startup Incubator Helps Fast Track Success

Polyient provides end-to-end support throughout all stages of your startup.

We help founders build momentum with a unique combination of early stage investment,
entity creation, mentorship, startup services and fundraising support.

Our startup incubator is designed to help founders stay focused on validating their idea.
Throughout the program, we roll up our sleeves alongside founders to help them thrive, grow and succeed.

Early-Stage Investment

For qualifying applicants, we provide early-stage seed funding to help grow the business. Depending on your progress and market potential, we can invest up to $75k to seed your idea.

Entity Creation

Designing the right company structure from the start is an essential part of your fundraising and governance strategy. We help cut through the complexity and expense of forming a company by offering a full, professional legal review.

We’ve put hundreds of hours into our entity creation process and every startup in our incubation program benefits from our battle-tested learnings.


We believe being exposed to seasoned executives and alternative perspectives are key ingredients for startup success.

As part of our incubation program, we work to connect you with mentors who can help you overcome obstacles while unlocking new opportunities.

Startup Support Services

Every team in our startup incubator can take advantage of our startup support services, which help you stay focused, lean and productive.

Next-Stage Fundraising Support

Once the fundamentals are in place, we can leverage our network of relationships to help you accelerate your next round of fundraising.

Polyient Program Timeline


The startup incubator program typically runs for three months. During this time, we work directly with founders helping articulate their vision, refine their ideas, test assumptions about their customers and develop a minimum viable product.



Our goal is a simple and clear investment agreement that preserves founder flexibility and minimizes dilution.

Based on progress and market opportunities, we’ll invest the necessary resources.


Time Frame & Location

We look for founders ready to commit to making real progress in 90 days.

We recognize initially some early-stage founders may operate in a "nights and weekends" mode; however, in the long run, we want to work with founders ready to treat their idea like a second job (complete with late nights and early mornings).

There are no location requirements but success hinges on consistent interaction and regularly scheduled meetings.

Time Frame & Location

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