Expertise, Coaching And Startup Consulting Services

Collaboration helps startups thrive.

Our in-house team of experts come together to accelerate your startup’s success.

Unlike many startup consulting services and incubators, we don’t tell you what to do.
We roll up our sleeves and work right along side of you.

Startup Services

Product Strategy Workshops

Unsure of your product strategy?

Stumped by your market data or the competitive landscape?

Wondering if your solution is the right solution?

Our product strategy workshops unlock your idea’s potential so you can confidently move to your next product milestone.

Polyient customizes its workshops to address the following needs:

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Business model and value proposition design
  • Identifying risky assumptions
  • Problem validation
  • Experiment design
  • Customer development
  • Defining the scope of your MVP
  • Developing a product roadmap

User Experience And UI Design

Engaging user experience and an intuitive user interface are vital to the success of startups.

That’s why we work with you every step of the way ensuring your UX and UI fully facilitate user adoption while building a strong foundation for your product.

Our user experience and user interface design services include:

  • UX strategy
  • User research and testing
  • UI design and re-design

Branding And Design

Branding and design are critical. Today’s users are highly selective about the brands they support.

Polyient specializes in uncovering:

  • Personas
  • Messaging, voice, tone
  • Identity system and style guide

Armed with these insights, Polyient helps founders develop your:

  • Marketing and communications collateral
  • Pitch decks, one pagers and white papers
  • Web presence

Technical Consulting And Development

Even teams with a strong technical lead, can still run into tech challenges. Our technical consulting services can help you identify roadblocks and overcome challenges as you build your MVP.

Polyient’s technical consulting and development services include:

  • Decision support for your technology stack
  • Defining technical requirements
  • Web development
  • Mobile development

Content And PR

Your vision can die on the vine if no one knows about it.

Content and PR is a two-prong effort: creating engaging materials and then making sure those materials connect with your audience.

Polyient works with you to create authentic messaging that turns consumers into fans.

Content and PR services include:

  • Content strategy consultation
  • Content SEO, development and deployment
  • Outreach including bylines, press releases, interviews, podcasts and more