Introducing Polyient Games.

Press Room

Polyient leverages blockchain technology to empower ideas to thrive, organizations to scale, and entrepreneurs to succeed.


  • Last year, organizations around the world invested more than $2 billion in blockchain solutions. By 2024, the global blockchain market will grow to $60 billion.
  • Nearly 70 percent of the world’s financial institutions are now exploring blockchain use cases.
  • IBM, FedEx, Telefonica, WalMart, Finastra, Kakao, Microsoft,, Mastercard, Overstock, and Bank of America are just some of the world’s top corporations that now use blockchain.

Blockchain, the decentralized ledger technology that reflects all transactions across peer-to-peer networks, is improving efficiencies, fostering collaboration and cultivating trust.

Why Polyient?

Polyient Labs is an early-stage business incubator helping entrepreneurs fast-track blockchain innovation through capital infusion, insight, guidance, direction and talent to power next-gen solutions. Polyient works with companies leveraging decentralized tech in financial services, corporate compliance, content management, design, gaming and other verticals.

Media Spokespeople

Brad Robertson

Brad Robertson is the founder and CEO of Polyient Labs. Prior to launching Polyient, Robertson was the CEO and founder of CX, a cloud computing innovator. He has served as an executive for various internet startups and helps oversee a Phoenix-based nonprofit focused on assisting children with learning disabilities.

Scott Ferreria

Director of Technology, Scott Ferreria, has an extensive background in tech and startups. Previously, he was CTO for Sourcely and Forge Technologies, Inc. (which he co-founded). Ferreira also founded MySocialCloud, later acquired by and FreeBike Project, acquired by Alt Terrain.

Nick Casares

Nick Casares is product director for Polyient Labs, where he is responsible for helping portfolio startups fully realize, build and bring to market next-gen blockchain innovations. Prior to joining Polyient, he worked in a variety of leadership roles in UX and product management on behalf of an array of startups.

Cody Robertson

Creative Director Cody Robertson oversees all brand strategy for Polyient and its portfolio clients, helping to identify the visual elements that best illustrate the ideas and goals. Before joining Polyient, he served in senior creative roles for blockchain startups and agencies in LA, Phoenix and NYC.

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